Personal information

Hello, I'm James Wright. I'm a grad student and software developer in Vancouver, British Columbia. I maintain a separate academic site.

My resume and academic CV are both on this site, although if you have any serious questions about my experience you are frankly probably better off emailing me.

If you'd like to contact me, my email address is Here is the PGP key that I sign my software releases with.

Projects and downloads

Jwacs adds first-class continuations to Javascript via program transformations.
Lispvan jwacs talk
This is a recording of the talk that I gave about jwacs at the Vancouver Lisp Users' Group in September 2006. A transcript is also available.
Darcs/emacs integration. Includes an interactive cherry-picking interface for adding changes to patches, integration with ediff, and more.
A mode for editing markdown files in emacs. Includes pretty formatting and a command for cycling among different underline styles (for different heading levels).